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Riverside Town

Success story

What sets us apart are satisfied customers and our references. Over 90% come from a recommendation.

First major project, sale of a larger commercial property for 20 million in 3 steps.

We had a customer who wanted to sell his beautiful commercial property.

We have known this for a long time, by chance we had a building cleaning assignment with an exciting existing partner who specializes in brokering exactly such projects to the right investors.

  1. The contact details were exchanged discreetly.
  2. The appropriate investors were identified, contacted, presented and after just under three months they all met at the notary for a successful takeover. 
  3. Many factors played an important role, which ultimately satisfied everyone involved.

The extremely positive cooperation with our selected, selected partners alone was the start of Stemminger Immobilien GmbH.

Today, we work closely with our partner and are all happy about the beautiful new projects that find their way to us every day.

For reasons of discretion, we are not allowed to use any other references.
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