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To put your property in the best possible light, we often recommend that you have the building cleaned by the company Osmo Clean, which operates throughout Switzerland, before selling it.

Get 1 million more thanks to our cleaning, how does it work? Here is an example:

A real estate seller wanted to sell his house for CHF 2.7 million. Interested parties had viewed the house and made an offer for 1.6 million Swiss francs, which the seller felt was not enough.

The seller from Rüschlikon Zurich called Osmo Clean building cleaning on a Friday, who then immediately cleaned the house from top to bottom from Monday to Wednesday for around 6,000 francs and got it in good shape.

On Thursday, the customer was able to sell his house at the originally desired price.

The customer on this:

“When I look around in our area, I see that every second house is dirty. If you want to sell your house, you would do well to present it to the buyers in tip-top condition.”
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Cleaning company Osmo Clean GmbH

The company Osmo Clean building cleaning, which can support you with over 50 building cleaning services, in inside and outside cleaning directly on site throughout Switzerland.

AXIS Project GmbH building cosmetics

The company AXIS Project GmbH Baukosmetik for visible surface damage in and on the building directly on site throughout Switzerland.


GLASSRESQ AG Glass renovation from Adliswil

The company GLASSRESQ AG Glass restoration, polishing for glass scratches. Grinding and polishing glass scratches | directly on site throughout Switzerland.


ARCHINOVO - With ideas for beautiful living

Architect with passion.

It doesn't matter if it's big or small. Our goal is to plan and implement a construction project in such a way that the agreed deadlines and costs are met and the quality of the building ensures optimal use. We always have our credo in mind: ideas for beautiful living!
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