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The customers of also feel this passion Cleaning company Osmo Clean GmbH, which was founded by Marcel Stemminger in 2013. Meanwhile, Osmo Clean has more than 3000 cleaning operations per year and, with its more than 35 employees, stands by its customers closely. Therefore, in the past, we have repeatedly received inquiries regarding the brokerage of apartments or houses. As a result, we founded Stemminger Immobilien GmbH to be able to offer our customers an expanded range of services. Our core competence is the successful marketing of real estate in the context of the sale. Also in the rental of conventional single-family houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, building land, land, offices, commercial space as well as exclusive villas and other objects.

Osmo Clean has a large network of real estate customers throughout German-speaking Switzerland. Together with Stemminger Immobilien GmbH, this network can now be optimally used.

Do you want to buy a property? 
Many properties are sold off-market and are not even advertised on the Internet. With us, you can submit a search request for your dream property according to your budget. We sift through our current, exciting portfolio of apartments, land, single or multifamily houses and commercial properties for you. More real estate offers are added every day. Marcel Stemminger, owner and managing director, advises prospective buyers comprehensively with his exclusively selected partners and successfully brings real estate and buyers together.

Do you own a property and want to sell it successfully? 
We offer you the necessary support. Among other things, we work together with local investors and real estate specialists and carry out your sales order discreetly, blindingly and reliably.

To put your property in the best possible light, we often recommend a building cleaning by Osmo Clean before the sale. Here is an example:

A real estate seller wanted to sell his house for CHF 2.7 million. Interested parties had viewed the house and made an offer for CHF 1.6 million, which the seller felt was not enough. The seller therefore called Osmo Clean on a Friday, who then cleaned the house from top to bottom with their employees from Monday to Wednesday for around 6,000 francs and got it in good shape. On Thursday, he was able to sell his house at the original asking price. If you want to sell your house, you would do well to present it to buyers in tip-top condition.

With us, you get the all-round carefree package of the highest quality.

From the initial meeting to the transfer of ownership, we take care of everything for the seller, and take care of all the work steps from cleaning to sale.

A fee is only due in the event of success, this uniqueness also characterizes Stemminger Immobilien GmbH.

Contact us without obligation. We are happy to hear from them.
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Best regards
Marcel Stemminger
owner | Managing Director
Stemminger Immobilien GmbH
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